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am i sexi ?

The Application
General Info
Name: Desiree
Gender: Female
Location:New Yorkk
Sexuality: straight
Likes: friends,music,computer .. cellphone .. and others
Dislikes: people that are mean for no reason
Bands:Maroon5,simple plan,yellowcard,new found glory,blink 182 +
Actors:umm not many but - jack from will and grace,lisa k from friends - and more
Drinks: coke-not pepsi .. coke is bettterrr..iced tea and ice cold water
Movies:the ring-thirteen-heavyweights-holes- and alot moree that i cant think of

Drugs: thats a nono - lol - badd .. and im staying away from them
Sex: if your in love i guess
War: alot of people die from it and there should just be peace !! ;-)
Same-sex marriages: if they love eachother then sure..they should have the right to marry eachother no matter what
Abortion:i dont really like the thought of it like killing a baby even thought its not alive..but if you had an abortion it COULD have been alive.. i mean its your choice but ..
Bush: i dont know .. i dont care really i mean at my age lol
Justin Timberlake's Ass: he has one? lol i dont know i mean i hate justin hes just one like every1 else but like gay not same liking sex gay like stupid idiotic gay .. u know what i mean lol

Any special talents? not really, im talentless lol i dont know
Can you handle being a sexiful_hoho? yeaa
What makes you sexiful? everythingg !! *wink*
Any last words? goodbye and i lvoe you ..
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