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Have I got the Sex?

I'm posting this for: babeexgrl

General Info
Name: Marisa Buzz
Gender: Female
Location: Lynbrook, Ny
Sexuality: i <3 Doug .. as in a dude.
Likes: Simple plan, Basketball, Movies,Men,Friends,Track, Skateboarding, Pizza, Camp, Traveling, Rock music.
Dislikes: Rap, Ghetto ,Wiggers,Hilary Duff,Lindsay Lohan,Rope[long story]

Bands: Simple Plan,Linkin park,Blink 182, S.O.T.Y, N.F.G, DC
Actors: Chad MIchael Murray,Ryan Gosling,John Travolta,Bam Margera,Scott Mechlowicz
Drinks: Shirley temple,pina colada,pepsi,sprite
Movies: The Patriot,A Knights Tale, any scary movies, Eurotrip,look whose talking, Thirteen, any movies mostly
Drugs: Are dumb, they fuck up your mind and your life and somtimes other peoples.
Sex: is cool, but im the type that waits untill LOVE before sex or anything of that sort... maybe even marriage .
War: is somtimes needed if somthing goes wrong between countries or your own country ... yeah it does suck a whole lot but everyone has to deal with it.
Same-sex marriages: dont bother me at all ... i think its kinda cute as long as there not like having sex in front of me its all good.
Abortion: DO bother me to no end ... if you get an abortion your killing someone .. its murder .. i dont see why people say its okay to murder a young child.
Bush: Dumbass he has no clue what he is talking about ...
Justin Timberlake's Ass: not as nice as Jeff Stincos.

Any special talents?Uh bball,high jump,rock climbing count?
Can you handle being a sexiful_hoho? yeah biatch.
What makes you sexiful? personality ... my big ass.
Any last words? I love simple plan!
Please post the link to your referral here:
Now insert 4 or more pictures of yourself. Let one atleast be a clear shot of your face.
marisa and doug
on the right.
on the right.
left again.
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