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Have I Got the Sex?

The Application

General Info
Name: Jenni
Gender: female
Location: Finland (Europe)
Sexuality: straight
Likes: cheerleading, dancing, dressing up, eating out, traveling in Europe, intelligence, manicures & pedicures, partying, pilates, shopping, tanning
Dislikes: rudeness, spiders

Bands: Maroon 5, N.E.R.D., No Doubt
Actors: Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp
Drinks: water, grape&raspberry juice, ice coffee
Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Amélie

Drugs: I couldn't use them myself, but I know few persons that have used and few that still uses drugs and I really don't know what to say.. It's stupid. It doesn't make any sense. They say they're relaxing, but what they're really doing is escaping from reality. They can't face the world and so they're hiding from it. If it doesn't ruin the users life, then it ruins someone else's, someone who has to watch it.
Sex: Well, I have nothing against it.. It's a beautiful thing.
War: Wars are things that men do only so that they can feel themselves big & important, because they're definitely not solving any problems by wars. They just want to show off and it's amazingly ridiculous because they're hurting so many innocent persons and breaking families.
Same-sex marriages: I believe that you can't decide with who you fell in love and when the love is so strong that you want to celebrate it by getting married, then you definitely should go for it. I think gays and lesbians should have all the same rights as straights have.
Abortion: I have absolutely nothing against abortions. I believe it's the best choice for example when you're 15 and you've just got raped and you can't keep the baby. That happened to my friend and I believe she's quite happy for having abortion as a one option. Still, I think it's a good thing to really think before having abortion.
Bush: I don't really have strong opinions about Bush, I haven't followed his political career so precisely.. Still, I think he has done some decisions that I would do differently..
Justin Timberlake's Ass: Justin's ass? I don't think I have had any opinions about Justin's ass.. Should I?

Any special talents? um.. I'm not sure does this count as a special talent but I can speak nine languages (finnish, swedish, english, germany, french, mandarin china, hebrew, spanish and italy)..
Can you handle being a sexiful_hoho? I believe so yes.
What makes you sexiful? I think it's my outlook on life.. I try to stay smiling and positive no matter what comes.
Any last words? I'm sure you'll make the right decision, but please make it before saturday because that's when I'm leaving to Turkey..
Please post the link to your referral here: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what is 'referral' (sorry, my english isn't the best there is).. Could it be this.. ? The first comment..


I'm really sorry, I know these aren't the best pictures. And yes, I'm aware that my eyes aren't the same size.
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I loved all of your answers. Wow. <3
thanks :>>
Oops. I pulled a Johnna, i forgot to say.. your really cute too.
k. to start off, I have a friend who lives in!
++++++++your likes and dislikes....they are just like me!
++ your bands, add some blink...and you rock.
+ your actors....hotties!
++++your opinions...i was just talking to michelle about the abortion thing...hah, and your bush answer...<3
+++you travel europe...a dream of mine.. rock on.. =)
+you are pretty,i like the last ones..

i say yes ALL the way! rock on <33 and have fun in turkey, you lucky one.

p.s excuse my typing...i don't know why i'm typing so has been a looong day!
haha, thanks! <3
It's been a long day for me too, I think I'll go to sleep soon..
-likes .. im the total opposite but hey someones gotta be ;)
++ dislikes
+same sex marriages

German is cool
and so is turkey..good with gravy tho

your eyes are pretty n ur cute

i say yes

Vote and Promote! Yay <3
Great, this was certainly worth staying up! I'll start promoting right away, I don't feel like going to sleep.. :DD
Even though you've already been accepted, I want to comment. :)

+Finland. Wow thats so cool
- Maroon 5 & No Doubt
+++ Abortion. I'm glad I have this in common with you!
+++ Special talents. That is sooo cool. :o