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Oh, I've got it.

The Application
General Info
Name: Johnna
Gender: Chicka
Location: Floriduh
Sexuality: Hetro
Likes: rain,money,friends,having fun,sleeping,tanning,shopping,laughing,crying,your mom.
Dislikes:not having my way,how the disney kids always make wtf?, strong perfume, mean people, the girls at school who make you feel like shit

Bands: Blink182, Sugarcult,Yellowcard, Dashboard, Sublime, N.F.G, Story of the Year, Eve 6.
Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Evan Peters, Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks Chad Michael Murray, Johnny Depp, Ashton Kuther(the usual hollywood hotties)
Drinks: DR. PEPPERRRRRR!!!, Surge..(if only we still had it here =( ), Sherly Temples, The Non-alcholic Fuzzy Navals
Movies: Light It up, Blue Crush, Thirteen, Waynes Worlds, Eurotrip, Mean Girls, The Parent Trap (got to love the lohan!)

Drugs: I don't need drugs to make me feel special.
Sex: Do it if you want, I'd rather wait until I'm in loooove.
War: Should be a last resort, and scary as hell.
Same-sex marriages: Go for it. I respect gays/lesbians.
Abortion: Totally for it. Until it becomes used as a form of birth lots have said
Bush: K, I don't like him.... I'm for Kerry.. Bush screwed us over.
Justin Timberlake's Ass: it ate my hampster... =( (r.i.p brewster)

Any special talents? No...but I can do the robot terribly
Can you handle being a sexiful_hoho? Uhm, duh.
What makes you sexiful? Everything, bitch.
Any last words? Suck my balls. =)
Please post the link to your referral here:
No. Die =)

Since I'm already a MOD I didn't need to do this. But, all the mods are going to... you don't need to comment if you don't want. =) Love yoouu!
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