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MOD-ilicious ;]

Filling it out for fun.

General Info
Name:Michelle Bouvier [I wish..]
Gender:Female, thank you very much.
Location:New York, Dahling.
Likes:Stuff that glows, um.. skaters,easy mac,TACOS, my computer :]
Dislikes:People that diss others without even knowing them. :]

Bands: SIMPLE PLAN,yellowcard,blink182,new found glory.. etc.
Actors: E-V-A-N P-E-T-E-R-S.
Drinks: Dr.Pepper,Sprite,Nestea Lemon Iced Tea,Yoohoo.. yum.
Movies:A Big Package For You [Not so much as a movie but its Simple Plan on DVD, so yeah.]Out Cold,Eurotip,A Knights Tale, wow a lot more.

Drugs:I haven't tried any, don't plan on trying any, not going to talk about them unless i tried any.
Sex:Love must play a role in it.
War:I don't spend much thought on this topic, I try not to. All I really think about is how much it sucks when people die.
Same-sex marriages:Everyone deserves a right to marry who he/she wants to marry. It's a shame it's taken this long for people to realize that.
Abortion:This is a really big issue that I could talk about for a long time.I think it's right in many circumstances and wrong in only one: When used excessively.
Bush:I don't really like Kerry, he annoys me so Im okay with Bush being president.That doesn't mean i really like Bush either, he's..Bush, but people call him an asshole and I dont think that's right. An idiot? Yes. A loser who can't eat a pretzel without choking? Yes. Asshole? Nah.
Justin Timberlake's Ass:What ass? He lost it during the time he was trying to act ghetto and kept wearing those baggy pants...*sigh* They never stood a chance..

Any special talents?I can make my tougne do the wave...heeheehehe.
Can you handle being a sexiful_hoho?I have so far. :]
What makes you sexiful?Your mom.
Any last words?Go lick a toliet. I love you!
Please post the link to your referral here: Die.
mmhmm bad lighting,bitches.
ummm YIKES!
yeah I..don't...photograph...well.
blah Better pics soon my loves. :]

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Oh Michelle, how I <3 your application and pictures. You rock my world. Everyone note that she made me this awesome icon. Don't get too jealous now. ;)